CMU 98-252
Wordplay: Fundamentals of Scrabble Strategy

Jemmin Chang
CMU Spring 2016

Welcome to the course homepage for 98-252! Here you can find the course syllabus, the schedule for the semester with links to the current homeworks and lecture notes, and links to useful Scrabble resources. Registered students can submit homework and view their grades. If you have questions, please feel free to email me at the address included at the top of the syllabus. — Jemmin


Semester Schedule

98-252 meets Thursday evenings, 6:30-7:20pm in Porter Hall A19D. Office hours/extra game time will be held 7:20-8:20pm in the same room.

January 14Workshop: Introduction to tournament ScrabbleNASPA Scrabble rules
January 21Lesson 1: Playing board-first ScrabbleLecture notes
January 28Workshop: Playing board-first ScrabbleHW 1 due
February 4Lesson 2: Finding good words: rack management, bingos, and anagrammingLecture notes
February 11Workshop: Finding good wordsHW 2 due
February 18Lesson 3: What's in the bag? S, blanks, JQXZ, and keeping track of it allQuick notes   Slides
February 25Workshop: What's in the bag?HW 3 due
March 3Midterm exam
March 17Lesson 4: Board control: opening, closing, beginning, and endingQuick notes   Slides
March 24Workshop: Board controlHW 4 due
March 31Word Wars: Tiles and Tribulations on the Scrabble Circuit
April 7Workshop: Final review
April 21Final exam
April 28Class-determined special activity

Useful Scrabble Resources

Computer Tools

Learning Resources

Official Scrabble (NASPA) Resources